The following gallery is a technical walk-through of key features that should be incorporated into a home in order to meet Universal & Accessible designs.

entrance Leading to the home

  • There should be an accessible route from a vehicular parking or drop-off area to a least one accessible entrance.

features of an accessible entrance (small porch)

Entrance-Small Portch.png

Features of Accessible doors and Doorways



  • Wide one-car garage with necessary interior clearances and room for an inside ramp.
  • 5 feet access isle adjacent to parked car, or 8 feet isle next to lift equipped van.
  • Install electric garage door opener with a remote control. Garage door unite should have a built-in light with an automatic switch.

Minimum Door and Hall Width

  • 36 inch wide doors work best

Kitchen: Work Triangle Design

Three Main Activities

  1. Cooking & Baking - Stove or cook top and oven
  2. Cold food storage - Refrigerator and freezer
  3. Preparation & cleanup - sink, dishwasher and disposal

Additional Spaces

  1. Pantry - Food Storage
  2. Food preparation areas
  3. Pots, pans, plates, glasses and utensil storage

Three basic activity center arrangements - Galley, U-shaped, L-shaped

Kitchen Work Trianlge.png

kitchen: accessible layout


Kitchen: Table Height

  • Height of table or counter tops is between 28 - 34 inches from the finished floor.
  • Knee clearance under tables, counters, and work surfaces is at least 27” high x 30”  wide x 19” deep.

Kitchen: Special Features

Special features make working, cooking, organizing and everyday tasks in the kitchen easier, more comfortable and accessible.

  • Lower counters and work centers can be easily used while seated
  • Lower wall ovens and microwaves make lifting, cleaning and transferring items more simple
  • Raised dishwashers for easier loading and unloading without bending
  • Base cabinets with rollout trays and/or tambour doors offer accessible sotrage
  • "Knife hinges" allow cabinet doors to open 180 degrees for full access to cabinet content.

Kitchen: Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Under cabinet: low profile glare-free LED3000 kelvin, linear small form-factor light fixtures for task lighting.

In-cabinet: low profile glare-free LED 3000 kelvin, linear small form-factor light fixtures in glass door cabinets to illuminate display items. (Optional)


Note: All Kitchen lighting to be 3000 kelvin CCT color, bright, but glare-free lighting, To be dimmer controlled.

Recessed: round recessed high quality 3000 kelvin color temperature, bright, but glare-free LED light fixtures.  Center fixtures on each set of upper cabinets to best illuminate interiors.  


Surface: mounted bright, but glare-free, high quality 3000 kelvin LED light fixtures for overall general illumination lighting of room. Space to minimize task area shadows.

Pendant: mounted light fixtures are for decorative accent. (Preferably bright, but glare free, 3000 kelvin LED light fixtures)

Bathroom: Layout


Bathroom: Turning Areas

  • Provide a clear 60” diameter turn-around space, or 36” x 36” x 60” space for T-turns.

Bathroom: Dimensions

  • Sink: 30" x 48" and include 19" underneath sink area
  • Toilet: 48" x 48"
  • Tub: 36" x 60" and add 18" to length at transfer seat end
  • Doorway: Should be a minimum 32" clear opening width, and preferably 34" to 36". Where applicable, door can out-swing, or be a 36" sliding pocket door.  Measure doorway width from face of jamb stop to face of jamb stop.

Bathroom: Built-in Transfer Surface at Tub


Lavatory: Accessible Characteristics

  • Counter Height: 32" to 33" instead of the standard 34" height (or make counter height-adjustable)
  • Sink: Provide 29" minimum clear height and 30" clear width underneath the sink
  • Mirror: Set mirror height with mirror bottom 3’- 4' maximum height from floor

  • Consider quartz or easy to maintain, good looking, and inexpensive laminate with molded back-splash for counter-tops

  • Doors/drawers with easy-grasp handles or knobs

  • Provide burn protective cover on hot water & drain pipes


Tub with Built-in Transfer Seat

Tub with Removable Seat

Tub Seat1
Tub Seat 2


  • Small Closets with Minimum Width Doors
  • When Open, Bi-fold and Double Doors Provide Wider Clear Openings