Welcome to the Living Room Tour


A 36" wide insulated entry door with lever-set type handles. All thresholds throughout the home should have a 1/2" maximum height, with beveled or radius edges. Allow a 60" x 60" clear space in the entry foyer area, and provide an 18"  to 24" clear space on inside strike side    of this and all doorways in the home, for   a wheelchair, or walker user.

Living Room Lighting

Create open, spacious, and barrier-free rooms.  Select furniture for the entire home that is properly scaled for each room.  Tables should not have sharp corners.  Provide a minimum of 36" clear isle space in front of furniture, in all rooms.

Large Windows

Large windows allow the use of natural daylight in addition to high quality, bright, glare-free LED lighting to help create a cheery atmosphere.  Window sill height   in all rooms should be 30" or less from the finished floor.  All upholstered furniture should be firm enough to provide good ergonomic support, and be easy to get up from.

Select light wall colors. Careful selection and placement of bright, glare-free LED light fixtures and lamps will create exciting moods, and help create a beautiful energy -efficient home.  High-quality overall ambient or general illumination is very important.  Use 3,000 kelvin color lighting throughout the house.


Select contract grade carpeting that is a tight loop or low pile height, and use padding of the same contract grade that is thin to medium height and firm density. 

Choose good quality Nylon, waterproof backed, and stain-resistant fiber contract or commecial grade carpeting.